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The Only Way Part 2

The Only Way Part 2

Seriously, Sharon! You just said ”we have to do something.” what do you think is the right thing to do in this kind of situation? No! Tell me, girl! Maybe you forgot how this all started. I will remind you.
We both accepted the offer my employer gave me, to move to the Canada office. Since my Boss gave us the opportunity for you to come to see me anytime you want.

Do you remember we are fine with the relationship for three years? But you always wanted a baby which was fine with me but I told you to be patient until I finished my course, then we can live together to raise the baby. I still remember that you were so upset that day. I tried to call your number the next day but you refused to pick my calls. Sharon! You refused my calls for two weeks, I was devastated and so confused. Unfortunately, I fell ill and a friend was there to care for me.

You wouldn’t believe me if I said I had a partial stroke. You didn’t call in all those hard times too. When I got better, I decided to come search for you. I stayed in a hotel since I didn’t know where you have been. I then remembered my half brother that lived around where I thought you might be staying. I invited him over to tell him about my lost love, my soulmate. I am always proud to show your beauty to any man because you are specially made by God. I noticed my brother countenance changed when he saw your pictures. It was a big slap on my face when my half brother told me you are his wife and you are carrying his baby. Hmmmmmn, I wished the world should come to an end on that day so we could all leave and face judgment.

I actually wanted to ask God what I have done to deserve these calamities,but the world refused to come to an end. I don’t know what to do than to come to confront you and ask you if it’s all true. Now I’m here looking into my beautiful queen’s eyes with a big belly. Yeah, life can be harsh on people sometimes, I think life is too harsh on me. I can’t just take this heavy load.

WATCH OUT FOR PART 3! Keep Getting Realwithkem!

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