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The Only Way Part 1

The Only Way Part 1

What else do you expect me to do? I was terrified after I found out about the pregnancy. No! Do not blame me for my actions. I tried hard to think, but I couldn’t come up with anything than this. I’m sure you never say you love me. You kept that affection to yourself.

I remember you are upset and refused to pick my calls when you heard the news. If you truly love me why won’t you listen to my part of the story before disappearing? You are my dream, who have planned my life with even before I was born. Just the thought of you bring joy to my soul and seeing you always seems to me I had it all. Loving you is not the right word to use but for the lack of better word to convey my feelings babe.

I couldn’t eat or drink for weeks when you disappeared on me then you left me with no choice than to stay with your brother. Do you think I’m in love with him? No, I’m not, I want you instead. I’m not sure if he is happy with all this situation because he never says something bad to me. He is taking good care of me and he can’t wait for me to have his baby. We already picked names out for the baby.

My heart is still breathing hard for you my love. I can’t just let go. We have to do something.

Watch out for part 2 and Keep Getting Realwithkem!

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