Bond In a Relationship
Bond In a Relationship! For Men! Strictly for Adults!

Bond In a Relationship! For Men! Strictly for Adults!

“Can you touch the right spot”? Boom! That statement can create a stigma on a married woman.

Men need to know the importance of sex when it comes to women. Whenever your woman tells you, “I do not like sex.”
That is not true! A woman can tell you, I do not have a high libido, which reduces the desire for sex.

Whenever your woman tells you she does not like sex, man! You need to check yourself. You may be doing something wrong. Women won’t tell you what you are doing wrong because they do not want to be misunderstood.

Most men believe they manage their home; the same assumption should be applied to pleasing your woman. You should take charge of your woman’s body when you want to have intercourse with her, gently play with every part of her. Your woman has all she has because of you to explore them.

Do not focus on banging your woman; instead, focus on exploring her body, taking her on a sex journey. Trust me! You need to be gentle with her; men are initially tough, so make sure you do not mismanage your woman’s body. Push on her body gently, then give all kisses, affection, and massages before you enter into her.

There are many rooms; when you enter a woman, kindly and gently go into all rooms and continue to use your hands to play with other parts of her. Make sure you continually ask your woman if she enjoys you. A man should not be selfish and not have sex with your partner because you want to release tenses. A man should have intercourse with his woman because you want to express love and want to put a smile on her.

Most women will never tell you how they want to be treated in bed, but if you do it right, your woman will say; This is great! I love it.! The woman may even sleep on you after intercourse and rub her hands on you a little because she was thinking of how you explore her body.
After intercourse, if your woman stays mute, complains of pain, or sleeps off without a smile, then you should reread this article and watch some shows to please her.

Sex is essential in a relationship because it is meant to enhance the relationship bond and create a romantic atmosphere. Always get Realwithkem!

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